Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ that may answer your most common questions.

Below are a list of commonly asked questions and the answers to them. Read this document over, it may contain the answer for a question that may have been asked many times already. You will see new questions and answers posted here regularly.

1. Where is IGXHost located? Are you a registered company?
IGXHost was founded and located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We currently operate in Toronto, Ontario but our web hosting servers are housed in ContinuumDatacenters in Lombard, IL. Just outside of Chicago.

2. What payment options do you currently accept?
We currently accept PayPal and all major credit cards through PayPal. We are a verified business vendor of PayPal. We seek to offer different methods of payment in the future soon to accommodate for those who are unable to use PayPal or those countries that PayPal restricts.

3. How long does it take for my account to be set up?
All of our Virtual Private Server plans and services are set up automatically once the first payment has been received. However, depending on the special configurations such as control panel installations, the total set up time may vary up to 2-3 hours.

4. I did not receive an e-mail with my account information
Some times your e-mail provider may filter the e-mails we sent to you. In this case, please first check your junk mail box. If it's not in your junk mail box, you will see all the e-mails we sent to you in our client portal. Please login to our client portal by navigating to the following url: Once logged in, click on "My E-mails" under the Client Area Links menu on your left.

5. What is your guaranteed uptime?
We guarantee that our servers will be up and running 99.9% of the time each month. We offer a service level agreement which reimburses our clients for any downtime that may occur. Please see our uptime SLA by navigating to the following URL:

6. Do you offer refunds or a money back guarantee?
Of course we do. IGXHost offers a 15-Day Moneyback Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our web hosting services, we will give you a full refund of the services' cost, no questions asked. To read the full policy and details of the refund and money back guarantee policy, please follow the following URL:

7. What types of hardware do you use?
Our servers consist of dual Intel Quad Core Xeon processors (8 cores in total) with a minimal of 16GB ECC DDR2 RAM. We also utilize RAID-10 Disk arrays to ensure high performance and data redundancy.

8. How often do you perform back-ups?
Back ups are performed nightly. However, we do advise all clients to keep back-ups of their own as we are not held liable for any data loss as our back-ups cannot be guaranteed to restore any lost data in any case.

9. Do you offer 24/7 support?
Of course we do! We find 24/7 to be absolutely necessary to any online business and it should be a standard for this industry. We offer support via live chat, helpdesk, and e-mail. Our live chat support and helpdesk ticket support is available 24/7.

10. My order keeps getting denied, why?
We have a fraud checking system in place for all orders. To ensure that your order does not get automatically denied by our system, please make sure you enter all client details correctly including name, phone number and area code, and addresses. Our fraud checking system takes into account many factors such as your IP, postal code, hostname and ISP, if you're going through a proxy or not, etc. Certain orders will be checked by automated phone call verification. Highly possible fraudulent orders are declined automatically. If you're having trouble due to this, please contact our sales department directly.

11. I got an early invoice generated for me, why?
Our system automatically generates invoices 10 days prior to the actual due date. This will give you 10 days notice to pay the invoice. You do not have to pay it within the first 10 days it was generated but this way you will have 10 days to pay the invoice. As long as you do not pay it any later than the actual due date shown you will not be charged of any late fees. A late fee of $5.00 is added to the invoice if not paid within 3 days AFTER the invoices' due date.

12. Are you a reseller?
No, IGXHost is not a reseller for anyone. We fully own all of our hardware and network equipment housed in private cabinets at the ContinuumDatacenters facility in Lombard, IL. This is one prime advantage we have over many other VPS providers. Because we own our equipment, we are able to provide much more competitive pricing than others who lease their equipment. We are able to provide a high quality service with lower margins due to this. In turn, you as the client benefit from this as you'll get a quality service for a fraction of the cost!