Continuum Datacenters
As of July 2010, all of IGXHost's hosting servers will be located in the Continuum Datacenter facility.

Continuum is a 21,000 square foot data center that's secure, reliable, protected and right in the Midwest. We're conveniently located 25 miles west of Chicago, accessible from both O'Hare and Midway airports and easy to get to via several expressways.

Our multiple world-class facilities are custom-designed with high-density in mind to support 1000 watts/sq. ft. for today's new technology requirements. Fully meshed and redundant HVAC systems ensure the data center can always remain chilly to protect infrastructure from heat damage.

Our data center has been engineered for Operational Sustainability with redundant power and cooling components to deliver a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Continuum Datacenters is SAS 70 Type II certified as of August 2010, proving their commitment to excellence.

A SAS 70 audit ensures that we carefully manage and monitor every aspect of our data center to ensure customers are given the highest level of support, security, uptime and more!

Low-Latency Bandwidth and Transport
Continuum runs our own blended network with multiple providers including Internap (Tiscali, UUNET, Savvis, XO, Cogent, ATT, Global Crossing, Sprint), nLayer and Mzima. Our network is designed as a "best of breed" to provide the best possible network performance. Our SLA guarantees a low-ping, low-latency network at all times.

Our carrier-neutral data center uses AboveNet's high-bandwidth transport to 350 Cermak, one of the world's largest carrier hotels. From Continuum's point of presence at 350 Cermak, you have access to any major carrier of your choice.

Many standard and custom bandwidth options are available. A sales representative can work with your specific needs concerning space, power and bandwidth to determine what's right for you.

Structure and Security
We're a single-story, low-profile facility that is staffed and monitored 24/7. Multiple levels of access control and security procedures ensure only authorized employees and clients have access to the data center, cages and cabinets. Main entrance to the data center is through a secure man-trap while other data center access points require key fob authentication.

A secure data center environment is critical. Continuum continuously monitors all our internal and external critical data center systems and environments. Alarms are sounded to alert Continuum personnel to any changes in the optimal condition of critical environments and systems. Continuum was constructed with an EPDM, leak-proof rubber membrane and enclosed downspouts. It employs Kohler Power Backup Generator Systems, a dry-pipe fire protection system and strategically located fire extinguishers.

Our Leibert HVAC infrastructure uses overhead supply ducts to deliver cold air to cabinets, cages and data center suites. Since cold air naturally sinks, this cooling method uses less power than a typical raised floor design that requires power and air pressure to blow air up through perforated tiles in raised floors. This energy savings allows Continuum to provide a more cost effective solution to our clients.

We also save energy by maintaining the data center at approximately 75 degrees. This set point, which is warmer than most data centers and is being used by companies like Google and Microsoft, is more comfortable for our data center clients, does not compromise mission critical equipment and allows us to save on the data center's overall energy usage. This savings is also passed on to you.

Rest assured, at Continuum, you and your data are safe and secure.