OpenVZ Versus XEN

Two great technologies...
Learn which one suits you best!

IGXHost offers both OpenVZ and XEN based VPS hosting services. Depending on what your needs and requirements are, one virtualization platform may be able to serve you more efficiently than the other. Please read on to learn more about each of these platforms and to see which may be able to better for your VPS.

OpenVZ or Xen?

The two technologies are very different and behave in a different way in a hosting environment. The below two diagrams will be able to give you a rough idea of how the infrastructure is like for both an OpenVZ host node and a XEN host node.


What is OpenVZ Virtualization?
OpenVZ is container-based virtualization for Linux. OpenVZ creates multiple secure, isolated containers (otherwise known as VEs or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each container performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; a container can be rebooted independently and have root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.

What is Xen Hypervisor?
The Xen hypervisor is a layer of software running directly on computer hardware replacing the operating system thereby allowing the computer hardware to run multiple guest operating systems concurrently. Support for x86, x86-64, Itanium, Power PC, and ARM processors allow the Xen hypervisor to run on a wide variety of computing devices and currently supports Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, and other common operating systems as guests running on the hypervisor. The community develops and maintains the Xen hypervisor as a free solution licensed under the GNU General Public License.