VPS Reseller Program

Make better margins reselling from IGXHost!
The quality, performance, and reliability you have been seeking.

IGXHost provides hosting providers and resellers with benefits when reselling our products and services. Our resellers and partners will have the confidence that they'll be able to provide high quality services and reliability. With our multi-tier reseller program, our resellers will be able to scale their growth of their own services on demand.

The more servers you resell the more discounts you'll be able to benefit from. Below is a table showing exactly how much of a discount you will receive as a reseller for how many servers you resell.

Reseller Discounts

Reseller Level Server Volume Monthly Fee Discount
Tier 11 - 510% Discount
Tier 26 - 1215% Discount
Tier 313 - 2020% Discount
Tier 421 - 3025% Discount
Tier 531 or more30% Discount

Resellers and partners must set the prices of the resold servers higher than what IGXHost offers. Reseller discounts do not apply for any special or promotional prices. IGXHost reserves the right to reject any applications to our reseller program at any time with or without any given reason.

Reseller Benefits and Features

  • Generous Discounts from our normal pricing and setup fees
  • Complete white label services and servers
  • Priority provisioning of servers on demand
  • Reseller Control Panel to manage all customer VPSes
    • Reload and Reboot VPSes
    • Manage and Monitor System Resources/Usage
    • Suspend/Unsuspend VPSes
    • Upgrade/Downgrade on demand
    • Monitor Bandwidth Usage
    • Assign/Re-Assign IP Addresses
    • Various Linux OS Templates Available
  • Backed by IGXHost's Rapid Response Team*
  • Quality and Reliable Service Guaranteed
  • Free Enom Reseller Account Included (Upon Request)

Reseller Requirements

  • Have a verifiable Web site, company name, contact informaion, and address
  • Provide first level technical support to end-users*
  • Provide full billing and accounting support to end-users
  • Receive and resolve SPAM, DMCA and Abuse reports of your clients
  • Resell IGXHost Servers above the normal pricing we offer
  • Company website must be in proper English
  • Your company (including your clients/end-users) must abide our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies when reselling our services
If you meet the requirements above, please request a Reseller Application Form and an accounts manager will contact you with more information and details

If you have specific questions about our reseller program, send an email to resellers@igxhost.com or contact sales via our helpdesk.

*We offer our VPS services fully managed. However, your clients will not be allowed to come to us directly for support. You need to provide a first level of support to your clients. You may, however, forward any issues to us in their behalf.