Server Specifications and Hardware

IGXHost operates and owns all of their own equipment and hardware.
We are NOT resellers.

We use only quality hardware to provide quality service. IGXHost utilizes only the latest Dell PowerEdge and Supermicro servers, hardware, and equipment for our VPS hosting nodes. We own all of our hardware and equipment. We house them at industry grade datacenters backed by IGXHost management and 24/7 monitoring to ensure the hardware is always at good health.

All of our hardware nodes use only the latest and highest quality hardware. Featuring the latest Intel Xeon and Nehalem series processors in all of our servers. Some of our servers even feature the new Intel Core i7 processors. Enterprise grade Western Digital RAID Edition Drives and SAS drives in a RAID-10 configuration. We never use anything less than RAID-10 as this the first level in providing data redundancy and performance.