VIP Program

It doesn't cost anything to be a part of our V.I.P. Program.
The more servers you have with us, the cheaper you'll get them for!

IGXHost offers a V.I.P. program to any existing clients who have 3 or more Virtual Private Server (VPS) services from us. Clients that enroll in this program will be able to enjoy discounts for each additional VPS ordered through us. It does not cost you anything extra to enroll. Starting on your 3rd VPS purchase with us you will receive a discount of 10% for each additional VPS purchased including the 3rd one. The discount structure is shown below:

Number of VPS's Discount
3 - 510%
6 - 1015%
11 - 1520%
16 - 2525%
26 or more30%

Once you've purchased your 2nd VPS you can contact our sales department to request enrollment to the V.I.P. program. An accounts manager will get in touch with you and will provide you a unique coupon code for your account or company. The coupon code will hold the discount level depending on how many VPS you currently have active with us. Please make sure you use this coupon code for every other order in the future to receive the V.I.P. discount.

The discounts apply to the overall fee of the VPS. This means the discount will also be included for any control panel or other server addons. The discount applies towards monthly or annually payment terms. For more information about our V.I.P. program, please contact our sales department.